Amber Schnitzius is a ceramic artist and the founder of Rekindle Pottery, located in the Arts District at Liberty Station in San Diego, California.

Amber's passion for creating with clay began when she took her first ceramics class in high school. She then attended Pacific University in Oregon, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in mathematics and a minor in art, deepening her understanding of form and function through additional ceramics coursework. Post-graduation, she pursued a corporate career in health insurance, focusing on finance and analytics which put a pause on her ceramics artwork. Amber's passion for pottery rekindled in 2010, however, when she began taking pottery courses once again.

By 2017 she had a fully functioning home studio, an Etsy shop and a ceramic dog bowl product line sold exclusively by a boutique in Los Angeles, California. Initially driven by principles of precision and uniformity rooted in her mathematical background, the work she made at this time reflected a commitment to technical mastery. Then, a pivotal move to San Diego in 2018 sparked the beginning of a transformation in her artistry. Immersed in the region's coastal beauty, Amber's work took on new dimensions, echoing the vibrant hues and organic textures of her surroundings.

Functional wares utilizing fine-tuned wheel-thrown forms, have been at the core of her work for years. However, she has recently shifted to embrace slower, more contemplative handbuilding techniques, such as slab and coil construction for decorative and sculptural pieces. She has also begun exploring the vast world of wild clay and learning to use locally foraged materials in her work. This shift not only underscores her affection for nature but also signifies a deeper engagement with the process of creation—an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between maker and medium.

At the heart of her artistic philosophy lies a commitment to growth and inspiration. Amber's work serves as a testament to the transformative power of curiosity and resilience. Through her art, she invites others to embark on their own creative journeys, encouraging them to rekindle curiosity and explore new possibilities.

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